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The must for all the olive oil lovers is Tonda Iblea. Do not miss it, it will let you find out the best aromatic notes of Sicily. It reminds sensory notes of fruit and a bitter and spicy taste of medium intensity. It it known like the green golden of Iblei mountains. After tasting it is featured by the olfactory notes of green tomato, artichoke and fresh grass.

Our olive oil is produced exclusively with olives of our area, carefully cultivated and harvested by hand, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards. The area of Chiaramonte Gulfi is popular for the good quality of olive oil since Greek age.

Since 1948

Since 1948, in the Chiaramonte Gulfi area, our family has dedicated its energy to the production of extra virgin olive oil. We love describe ourselves as farmers because we grew up with our plants and we are aging with them.

Why do we choose the name Cucikù? In our family farm there was an olive oil mill that was managed by our grandfather for 8 years. The old name of the olive oil mill was Cucikù and we are proud to use the same name for our olive oil, to remember these years and thank granpa believed and invested in our family farm. The old press is still here and we will be really glad to welcome you to see it. You can have also a tasting of bread with olive oil, salt, oregano and one glass of a good red local wine.

The area of Chiaramonte Gulfi is subjected to particular temperature variations between day and night hours, these are important conditions to highlight the unique characteristics of the agricultural productions and olive growing that, in this area, represents a production activity very significant.

We want to highlight the richness of our land: the Sicilian crop varieties that produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil that is also certified. In 2012 we decided to convert our farm at organic regime to guarantee the highest quality for our consumers.

Only healthy olives that are freshly harvested, are milled within 12 hours using the cold extraction method: malaxation of olives paste lasts around 30 minutes and the temperature is always under control (at less or equal to 27 degrees). Then olive paste will go through DMF decanter to divide the 3 elements that are olive oil, water and pomace.

Our farm is about 8 hectares with 300 olive trees of “Tonda Iblea” variety. There are also other types of cultivation: almond trees, greenhouse of black grape (black magic variety) and apricot trees.

CuCiKù Experience

Cucikù is an invitation to come and visit our Sicily, to share with us the scents. Serve the Sicilian culture of quality food is our main goal. We firmly believe that agriculture can be a valuable driver for a big change, supporting other businesses: it can produce new value for tourism.

For this reason we organise two different types of experience that are suitable for both foreigner and local tourist:

  • walk through olive trees, we will admire together Saracen and centenarian olive trees that are in our farm;
  • tasting of our extravirgin olive oil “Cucikù” combined with home-made bread and soap;
  • Upon request, we organise days dedicated to school students during which, together with their teachers, they can undertake a journey for a few hours to discover the world of oil.

We will explain them the transformation process from the olive to the oil.

Why participate? The children will be able to attend the explanation of the oil production techniques to learn how local excellence is born.

We will finish the experience giving them a nice gift!

Technical sheet

  • Production area: ITALIA – SICILIA – Province of Ragusa, District of Chiaramonte Gulfi
  • Altitude: 400/600 meters above sea level
  • Cultivar: Tonda Iblea
  • Treatment: Organic fertilizers
  • Harvesting period: from October 20th to November 30th
  • Harvesting system: handpicked
  • Extraction method: cold
  • Colour: green with golden reflections
  • Flavour: strongly fruited with a spicy medium perception and artichoke tinge
  • Aroma: olive with scent of green tomato and medium perception of freshly cut grass
  • Produced by: Azienda Agricola Semplice Inghisciano Marinella ed Elisa
  • Monitoring organization: Suolo e Salute
  • Production: 0.50 l bottles, 0.25 l bottles, 3 l metal sheet. Other size are available.